Bag Filter Application Form
Bag Filter RFQ Form

This form is to identify the appropriate bag filter for new application, after market filter bags, and filter bags to enhance process improvement and cost of filtration reduction efforts. Please provide OEM nomenclature and part numbers whenever available. At the completion of the form please provide as much information as possible regarding the vessel make & model, and describe the filtration process as well as any issues presently being experienced in the form spaces provided.

Accurate information and enhanced communication is critical at conception to avoid high post installation filter costs. Complete multiple forms for each filter cartridge requirement or application.

Requirement:   "Equal Too" Replacement     Process Improvement Alternative

  Bag Type          Filter Bag Size & Surface Area  
 *Pleated bags are most common in Size #2 bag filter vessels.  These "cartridge" type bags vary in efficiency and area. This form represents a baseline for surface area, micron rating and removal efficiency. Should you have a specific request regarding a pleated bag please describe in box below:

Micron Rating        Retention Efficiency   

Bag Collar   Bag Finish Sewn Bag Handle Yes  No

Material & Max Temp     Cover     

Make/Model Filter Vessel (*required field)

Quantity Required:  1-100      101-499      500-1000    1000+   
Enter Annual Volume For Volume Discount


Title:     Solution:  

Temperature oF:   Wt.Gallon(#'s):     

Viscosity:    SSU   cPs  cKs   Other     Flow (GPM): 

Operating Pressure      Filter Disposal Hazardous   Non-Hazardous

Differential pressure available to load the filter (psig)?

Type of Pump:

Duty:Continuous Batch    Batch Volume

Debris size, shape (being round, flat, irregular shapes, gelatinous etc...) is extremely important when selecting a filter media technology and determining filter loading which influences total filtration costing. Realize a difference in filter selection during conception is what contributes to high post installation costs, interruption for change and increased operator involvement. Provide the debris load and characteristics in the space provided below:

Should this be a current installation please identify the type of filter system presently in use and what determines filter change. Please provide the current type and size of filter being used, the clean filter differential pressure and the filter pressure differential at change.  It 's not uncommon for change to be driven by low flow or other factors not necessarily filter related resulting in high total filtration costs.

To enhance communication please describe the process and the contribution of the filter system, e.g., polish already filtered product, pre-filter and protect downstream filters, reduce TSS loads for waste water, increase clarity values, etc... also, include your cleanliness target and testing QC methods used to determine filtration and solution performance and quality.

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