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COMO Oil Water SeparatorModel TS/3 Tramp Oil Separator
Principles Of Operation

The model TS/3 tramp oil separator/coalescer is designed to remove tramp oil from machine tool coolant, wash water, or other bi-phase fluid mixtures where the dominant phase has a higher phase, has a higher specific gravity, and the mixture is not chemically emulsified.

The separator works by applying two physical principles:
1. Gravity field separation of immiscible fluids of differing densities. This phenomena is enhanced by passing the fluid through a volume with a specific geometry. By dividing the separation volume into smaller segments perpendicular to the gravitational field vector, the transit time for a suspended oil droplet to come into contact with the phase interfacial region is reduced. This effectively multiplies the tank volume and flow capacity.

2. Selective molecular attraction draws oil droplets to the surface of the coalescing media. The separating media used in the Model 16003 consists of oleophilic materials, which is selectively wet with oil-based liquids. Oils accumulate on the media surface and flow upwards until such time as a droplet of sufficient size is produced to overcome interfacial tension and separate from the media plate. This insures the oil droplet will be removed in the coalescer separator volume rather than be flushed out of the unit with the heavy phase effluent.

450/5 Coalescing Coolant Recycling System
The COMO coolant recycling system is designed to remove tramp oil and coarse solids from machine tool coolant. The unit has a maximum batch capacity of 450 gallons. Dirty coolant is delivered by user-supplied means into the dirty holding reservoir with the hopper bottom. From there the coolant is pumped by means of a progressing cavity low shear pump into the tramp oil separator by way of the hanging bag filter.

Separated tramp oil is discharged into a receiving drum through the hose attached to the front of the unit. An automatic pump shut-off is provided to prevent drum overflow. A float switch designed to be screwed into a small bunghole on the drum will shut off the pump if the oil level rises to within approximately one inch of the drum capacity.

A second float switch is installed in the bottom of the dirty side reservoir. If there is not sufficient coolant present in the system to insure the pump will not run dry, the pump is turned off.

Clean coolant discharges through the bottom of the tramp oil separator into the clean reservoir. After the clean reservoir fills, any oil which separates along with excess coolant overflows back into the dirty reservoir to be reprocessed. This flow cycle may be run as long as desired to achieve the required level of coolant cleanliness.

Floating Oil Skimmer Head For Use With COMO Tramp Oil Separators
The COMO skimmer head works on the principle of a positive buoyancy radial inflow weir coupled with a floating or fixed combination center sump and weir guide to effectively remove the oil or other light immiscible liquids from the surface of water.

Principles of operation:
The floating weir is composed of a material with a specific gravity less than water, resulting in positive buoyancy. Controlled top edge geometry enables the weir to maintain its inlet gates at a constant level below but near the fluid surface. The specific gravity of the weir is such that the operational skimming depth will increase with increasing oil film thickness. The floating weir rides over a slotted pickup tube that serves both as a sump and as a guide sleeve constraining weir movement. The body of the float covers the length of the pickup tube slot below the surface. As the surface level varies, the weir rises or lowers on the slotted tube maintaining constant skimming height.

Place pickup in fluid to be skimmed. No adjustment is necessary for floating units. For stationary mount units adjust mounting to position the floating weir in the center of the sump slots. The pickup tube should be near vertical for the valve to function properly.

Units from 1 - 15 gpm are available with and without high operating temperature option.

Patent Pending - COMO Industrial Equipment

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