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Water Recycling Systems

Dissolved Air Filtration SystemDissolved Air Filtration
Dissolved Air Flotation Recycling System is based on bubble nucleation. Its function is to Strip compressor Condensate Emulsions. COMO DAF system provides the answer for water based fluids maintenance, recycling, and disposal problems. It is of rugged construction, has easy access controls, and simple operation in either manual or automatic modes.

• Removes Suspended Solids & Oil • Eliminates Odors • Kills Anaerobic Bacteria • Can Strip Oil / Water Emulsions • No Expensive Membrane Cartridges • Low Maintenance • Low Set-Up & Operating Cost

  • Polishing Filter Ultra Fine Filtration • Bag Filter For Pre Filtration • Vacuum Gauge • Floating Pick-Up
  • Portable • 50, 160, 450 Gallon Tank • Ozone Injected • Manual or Automatic Operation

Wash Water Recycling SystemFloor Scrubbers
Recycling and reusing floor scrubber water can lower your maintenance costs. The used floor scrubber water contains a concentration of soap. When the floor scrubber water is separated and filtered in a COMO Portable Soap-Water Recycling system; the clean, reusable water will contain dissolved soap. This dissolved soap is in solution and when the next batch of floor scrubber water is created, you will use a smaller portion of virgin soap. This will decrease the amount of soap used, which will decrease your maintenance costs.

The unique configuration of COMO Portable Soap-Water Recycling system allows either batch or continuous operation. The Portable Soap-Water Recycling system integrates oil-water separation, as well as coarse and fine filtration technologies that are extremely efficient and user friendly. Portable Batch systems are available in 50, 100 and 200 gallon standard process tank capacities. Larger systems are available as special orders.

Floor scrubber water can be processed either in the Floor Scrubbing Machine Reservoir (smaller portable units) or batch processed Portable Soap-Water Recycling system. Coarse bag filtration is followed by an oil-water separating stage and then a COMO Depth filtration stage. This process multi-passes through the process tank until ready for use in the Floor Scrubber.

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