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Cooling Tower Filter Systems
Cooling Tower Filtration System
Everfilt’s CTS Series of packaged filter systems for cooling towers offers a practical and efficient means to reduce water treatment cost while improving cooling tower performance and reducing down time for cleaning and maintenance. Airborne dirt, grit, sand, and microorganisms plus water and sunlight combine to make an environment ideal for the growth of unwanted algae and slime. These contaminants find their way back into cooling loops, causing problems for pumps, valve seals, nozzles and other mechanical components.

Cooling Tower Filter Systems are available in single or multiple vessel packages, with pump mounted to the system. These are usually set up as side stream systems, filtering from 2-10% of the water circulating in the cooling loop. Cooling Tower Filters typically will draw water from the cooling tower basin. However, other locations are feasible and may not require a pump to operate effectively.

  • Flows from 25 GPM to over 5,000 GPM
  • Factory assembled, wired and hydro-tested
  • Skid mounting optional
  • Automatic or manual operation

These cooling tower filters have heavy-duty construction and are intended to withstand outdoor service. Filters and face piping are available either in sandblasted and coated carbon steel or stainless steel. Filter internals are all welded, 304 stainless steel assemblies. They will last the life of the filter and never crack, as happens with plastic internals.

Standard backwash controls are automatic solid state electronics in a UL listed Nema 4 enclosure. The control unit is fully programmed and offers field adjustable settings. It includes a pump motor starter, mechanical disconnect and pressure differential switch. Backwashing is initiated either by a pre-set time interval or pressure differential override.


Everfilt has incorporated the unique configuration of high strength stainless steel wedge wire to remove suspended organic and inorganic solids. Flow rates from 25 GPM to 2250 GPM. Solids removal to 75 microns.

High Strength Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Screen Cartridge *Operation Uniformity - No Blind Spots *Mesh Uniformity - No Screen Deformation  *Stainless Steel Housing  *Wide Range of Mesh Sizes *Up to 250 psi   *Automatic Backflush (Reverse Flow)  *Manual Backflush (Reverse Flow)   *Manual Clean


  • Industrial Process Water - Initial Screen
  • Irrigation (Golf Course, Agriculture, Landscape)
  • Equipment Protection (Pumps, Valves, Nozzles, Emitters)

High Volume Water FiltrationSTAKfilter™

Everfilt engineers have taken proven stainless wedgewire screen filter components and applied them to a unique "stacked" design for pressure screen filters that offers the best of all worlds. HIGH VOLUME FILTRATION IN A COMPACT PACKAGE.

Fast Automatic Backwash (15 sec./cartridge)   *Low Pressure *Backwash (25 psi)  *600-1440 GPM per unit at 200 Mesh   *125 PSI Rated 304 Stainless Steel  *Small Foot Print  *Factory Assembled Skid Mount  *Removal to 75 microns


Turbo Screen FiltersTurbo Screen Filters - STS Series

The Everfilt patented TURBO SCREEN™ pressure screen filter offers a superior method for through flushing a screen filter. These units use stainless steel wedgewire screen and are ideally suited for low cost applications where a flushable screen is needed. Standard sizes of the Turbo Screen™ pressure screen filter range from 100 GPM to over 3600 GPM. Automatic or manual cleaning in 3-5 seconds. Multiple cartridges for high flow rates. Removal to 75 microns.


Self Cleaning Screen FiltersTurbo Screen Continuous Self Cleaning Filters - STB Series

Everfilt has developed a patented TURBO SCREEN™ cartridge that incorporates the strength of stainless steel wedge wire technology with a unique "Turbulator" to achieve high flow rates (over 6,600 GPM) and continuous, automatic screen cleaning. This advanced cartridge design is housed in an all stainless steel housing for long lasting performance.



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