Simplex & Duplex Basket Strainers

Fabrotech Industries has a large assortment of  fabricated products listing temporary cone and basket strainers, tee strainers, orifice plates, spectacle blinds, flat strainers, replacement screens & baskets and pressure drops for tee strainers. Fabrotech is also your source for many other products such as cast iron y-type strainers, carbon steel y-type strainers, pipeline strainers and simplex & duplex baskets.

Simplex Basket StrainerSimplex Basket Strainers
These strainers are used to remove foreign matter from pipe lines and provide inexpensive protection to pumps, meters, valves, etc. In appropriate material, and can be specified for drinking water, cooling water, sea water, etc.
These strainers have been designed for applications where easy maintenance & large capacity straining are needed. Service time is minimal because the cover is secured with quick opening, non-yoke type knobs. Both the cover & the basket use O-ring seals, eliminating the need to replace gaskets each time the strainer is serviced. This, combined with the machined basket sheet, eliminates particle bypass. With the appropriate wire mesh lining, these models can be used to strain particles as small as five microns.
Cast cover and body. All sizes feature an O-ring cover seal. Baskets and O-rings are sealed in machined seats. Quick release knobs are inserted molded with metal threads. A plugged NPT connection is provided ("D"). Coatings are available on application. Standard basket is .062 perf 304 SS Buna-N O-ring standard for all models except stainless steel, which is supplied with a Viton O-ring. Optional materials of construction and porting, e.g., flanged or threaded, are available as "standard"
CAPACITY: Minimum 6 to 1 open area ratio.
TESTING: Shell test pressure= 1.5 times working

Duplex Strainer BasketDuplex Basket Strainers

These strainers are designed for use in fluid handling systems where the flow cannot be shut down for basket cleaning such as cooling water, compressors, condensers, fire lines, fuel lines, lubrication systems, and salt and fresh water systems. Not recommended for steam service.
These Duplex strainers use 3-way balls as diverter valves. This design with its PTFE seats provides bubble-tight shut-off, eliminating the costly and potentially dangerous leakage into the chamber not in use. The two part body casting allows true-inline maintainability. All parts of the valve are accessible after removing the basket chamber without removing the strainer from the line. A gear operator is standard on the 4" & 6" units, allowing for a very easy change over. On models with a handle, the chamber in use is covered by the handle preventing accidental opening of the pressurized chamber and allowing easy access to the side to be serviced. The large open area ratio of the basket assures a minimum pressure drop across the unit. Perforated stainless steel (304) baskets are standard on all models, with mesh lining optional.

Y StrainersY Strainers

The I8-125 is designed to provide economical & dependable protection to mechanical equipment. Self cleaning is easily accomplished by opening the plug or valve connected to the blowoff outlet (not supplied).
All sizes feature a bolted cover. The cover has a recessed seat which assures correct screen fit. There are bosses located at the inlet and outlet flanges for the installation of gauges (not supplied).
Heavy gauge 304 stainless steel screens are normally furnished in the following perforations: Other materials, such as Monel, Hastelloy C, & Alloy-20 are available Other perforation sizes and/or mesh lining is also available.
The body and cover are constructed from Cast Iron (ASTM A126 B), and the flat gasket is non-asbestos. The blowoff outlets are tapped NPT, and are not normally supplied with plugs.

Temporary & Cone Type Strainers
Temporary & Cone Witch Hat Strainers

Notes: Normally supplied with 1/8" diameter holes on 3/16" centers. Available in most sizes with perforation & mesh. Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and other Alloys available. For Ring Type Joint (RTJ), Specify Ring Number and Style. If mesh lined, specify flow direction.
Contact our Engineering department for Special Designs or Lengths.


Replacement Strainer Baskets & Screens
When ordering, please specify the following information:
1. Style
2. Material
3. Perforation (and Mesh if liner is required)
4. All lettered dimensions shown.

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