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Velcon Coalescers & Separators Velcon has established a leadership role in Aviation Fuel Filtration. To meet the critical requirements of the aviation industry, Velcon has conducted over 40 witnessed tests to API/IP specification. Velcon has been an innovator throughout the years, and today they have supplied more replacement cartridges to purify jet fuel than any other company in the world. In the library you can find additional detailed information regarding coalescers /separators, filter vessels, water removal cartridges, fuel monitors, and virtually all the components required to confidently handle aircraft fueling requirements.
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Hydraulic Oil Filtration & Oil Recycling SystemsCOMO Filtration Systems
Water and particulate contamination does not mean that the hydraulic oil must be disposed of and replaced. Through multi-pass filtration, the water and/or particulate can be removed from the hydraulic oil and thus extend the fluid life. Additionally, both fine and gross contamination can be removed through the use of multi-pass filtration. Gross contamination (100 micron and larger particles) is usually removed with a bag filter(s) and fine contamination (down to one micron) is removed with depth filter(s).
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Fischer-Robertson 513-860-3445Gammon Technical Products Inc. manufactures and distributes equipment for handling and testing aviation fuels. Products include filters, valves, nozzles, pumps, refueling hose and other assorted equipment used in handling aviation fuels from the refinery to the aircraft. Gammon Technical Products, Inc. participates in many industry organizations including ASTM, ATA, NFPA, NATA, CRC, SAE and API.
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Parker Racor; Fuel / Oil / Coolant FiltersFuel /Oil / Air / Coolant / Hydraulic filtration products for fleet, marine, and aviation requirements. Also providing alcohol-free additives, electric heaters, prefilters & strainers, as well as fuel/oil/coolant accessories.


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