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Custom Pleating & Filter Cartridges
Creative Solutions For Unique Filtration Challenges

Engineered Filter Designs & SolutionsEngineered Designs For Liquid & Air

Keystone Filter specializes in providing pleated custom filter media and cartridges designed to solve a wide variety of industrial filtration problems including air, liquid and gas filtration.




Application Specific Filter Designs

Do you need help designing a custom filter? Keystone's experienced designers are ready to provide their expertise to help you meet your unique filter requirements. Whether you have firm specifications or only a general concept, they will work with you to develop your new filter or improve an existing one. For over 25 years, Keystone has been working with manufacturers in liquid, air and gas applications, on a proprietary basis, to develop and produce filters to their requirements.



Custom Pleated FiltersPleated Media...
During their more than two decades of experience manufacturing custom products, they have successfully pleated a wide variety of media in single or multiple layers including some of the most difficult and fragile materials available. Keystone Filter is able to pleat an extensive range of materials from a maximum pleat height of 3-1/4" to a minimum 7/32" with or without glue bead separators.

Keystone maintains regular contact with leading media suppliers to keep current with all of the latest developments in filter media technology. They are ready and waiting to work with you to explore new media and configuration possibilities.


Complete Filter CartridgesComplete Cartridges
Are you paying high prices for standard filters that may be over- designed for your requirements? Keystone can reduce costs by developing a custom filter tailored to your specific application. Their low tooling costs and short run capability increase your purchasing power, and since they work with many types of filter media, they can, at your request, offer a number of material options to give you the best filter at the best price. Cartridges can be made to your specifications using components of plastic and/or metal.

Keystone filters are now utilized for critical applications such as the computer equipment and nuclear power industries, where consistent conformance to quality standards is essential.


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