Food & Beverage Meltblown Filter Cartridges

Food & Beverage Meltblown Filter Cartridges

micro_meltblown_htm.jpg (23659 bytes)MEGABOND PLUS™
Fixed-pore structure depth cartridges with high dirt-holding capacity & absolute rated filtration efficiency

Parker's MegaBond Plus are absolute-rated depth filter cartridges. Using new, innovative manufacturing process, the MBP has higher dirt-holding capacities offering long service life and virtually no contaminant migration. The MBP has a fixed core inner structure of thermally-bonded, continuous microfine polypropylene fibers. The outer layer fixed pore structure has been modified to maximize the graded density surface area and enhance dirt holding capacity.

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Economical filtration with high-strength thermally-bonded depth cartridges

Parker's DuraBond filter cartridges are the most economical high-strength  filter cartridges available. Featuring an integral rigid, thermally-bonded construction, the DuraBond provides consistent filtration for a wide variety of fluids. Fulflo DuraBond cartridges are available in nominal ratings (90%) of 1,3,5,10,25,50,75, and 100 microns.
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High purity melt-blown depth cartridges

Avasan (AVS) cartridges are manufactured by a proprietary melt-blown manufacturing process using a specially formulated polypropylene. This formulation provides a uniquely graded-density filter cartridge designed for high purity applications. The fiber matrix of the cartridge has been engineered to provide structural integrity throughout the filter's long service life. The finish-free construction provides optimum fluid purity and eliminates foaming. Avasan's broad fluid compatibility and graded density pore matrix make it the economical filter choice for high clarity requirements.
PDF download (avasan_6364.pdf) 636kb

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Fischer-Robertson, Inc., has the application skills, experience, and total process filtration vision to incorporate these superior filtration products into an existing environment incorporating installed pumps, vessels, controls, etc., as well as the technical abilities to discuss your pump and control methods to ensure you optimize your filter expense which influences your production yield and costing values. Obviously, not all filtration suppliers are created equal, should you have an inquiry we would appreciate the opportunity to demonstrate the service you should expect from a professional filtration team.

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