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Helix HD Series
Helix HD Self Cleaning Filter StrainerMiller Leaman's Helix Disc Filter models are available in three sizes: 2", 2" Super and 3". The filters can be installed in any orientation; however, it is preferable to install them in the inverted position (3/4" flush port at bottom). This helps the filtration system work at its optimum. As water enters the filter housing, a high velocity centrifugal action occurs, spiraling heavier particles (sediment, scale, etc.) away from the disc cartridge, down to the base of the filter. These accumulated particles are then flushed from the filter via the 3/4" flush port connection at the base of the filter (valve not included).

The body contains one inlet and two outlets, allowing the filter to be installed at either 90 or 180-degrees. A threaded cap is supplied with the filter to terminate the outlet port not being used. Inlet/outlet connections are available in NPT or Victaulic. The body contains inlet and outlet pressure gauge ports (gauges not included). The gauges monitor the pressure differential across the filter disc which determines when the disc cartridge needs to be removed for maintenance.

Manufactured in Type 316 Stainless Steel, the quick-release clamp assembly is strong and reliable. No tools are necessary to remove the clamp and filter cover when maintenance is required.

The three-dimensional disc is ideal for filtering hard particles (such as sediment and scale) and soft fibrous material (such as algae, bugs, cottonwood seed, etc.). The color-coded discs are available in a variety of micron sizes (50, 100, 130, 200-Micron).


The lid is injection-molded, using an incredibly strong polyamide material. The centrifugal action, created by the Helix Element, spirals heavier particles down to the base of the filter. The particles are then flushed, either manually or automatically, from the 3/4" flush port at the lowest point in the lid.

Helix Self Cleaning StrainersUNIQUE FEATURES

     *Centrifugal Cleaning Action Minimizes Maintenance
     *Large Disc Surface Area, with Three-Dimensional Depth
     *Particles Can Be Flushed While Filter Is In Operation
     *Several Color-Coded Disc Options Available
     *Durable, Corrosion-Resistant, Injection Molded Housing
     *Easily Removable, Quick Clamp Lid Assembly
     *Pressure Gauge Ports Molded Into Housing
     *Mounting Bracket (sold separately)


Dirty Water Enters the Filter Housing Through the Inlet Connection. As Dirty Water Passes Through the Helix-Element, the Water Starts to Spin at High Velocity. This Centrifugal Action Spins the Particles Away From the disc media, Minimizing Manual Cleaning Frequency. As Particles Are Spun Down to the Base of the Filter, They are Flushed Via the 3/4" Female Threaded Flush Port Connection. The Dirty Water Passes From the Outside to the Inside of the disc. The grooves, molded into the surface of the three-dimensional discs, trap the remaining contaminants in the water. After Passing Through the discs, the Filtered Water Flows Upward and Exits the Filter Through One of the Outlets. The Outlet Not Being Used is Terminated With a Threaded Cap.

Helix HD Quick Reference Chart

Model Number Model Type Inlet/Outlet Size & Type Filter Surface Area (sq. in.) Flush Port Connection Size Max Flow (GPM) Max Pressure Rating (PSI)
HD-2NA-* Regular 2"/NPT 186 3/4" 100-GPM 125-PSI
HD-2SA-* Super 2"/NPT 263 3/4" 100-GPM 125-PSI
HD-3NA-* Regular 3"/NPT 263 3/4" 200-GPM 125-PSI
HD-2NW-* Regular 2"/Victaulic 186 3/4" 100-GPM 125-PSI
HD-2SW-* Super 2"/Victaulic 263 3/4" 100-GPM 125-PSI
HD-3NA-* Regular 3"/Victaulic 263 3/4" 200-GPM 125-PSI

*50, 100, 130, & 200 micron options available. Please specify disc size when ordering. Example: HD-2SA-130 = 2" NPT Super with 130 - micron discs. Disc cartridges for 2" regular models (HD-2NA and HD-2NW) and 2" Super models (HD-2SA and HD-2SW) vary in size. The cartridge for the 2" regular models is 15.5" in height. The cartridge for the 2" super models is 20.5" in height. This means that the 2" super models have approximately 40% more surface area for filtration (186 sq. inches vs. 263 sq. inches).

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