Turbo Disc Automatic Self Cleaning Filters
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Turbo-Disc Full-Flow Systems
The Evolution of Automatic Filtration:

Backwashing Filter System

The Automatic Turbo-Disc Filter sets the standard for reliable, high-efficiency filtration. Utilizing a stack of injection-molded polypropylene disc media, the Automatic Turbo-Disc Filter is exceptionally durable and engineered for longevity. Automatic Turbo-Disc Filter systems are designed with a modular approach, where multiple filter housings (pods) are manifolded together with stainless steel inlet/outlet manifolds. The sizing of the system is a function of the flow rate and the solids’ loading in the application. The backflush cycle is rapid and precise, using a fraction of the flush water used by traditional automatic filters on the market.

Quality of Disc Filtration:
Although the three-dimensional disc media is the heart of the filter, there are other principles at work. As water enters the filter housing, it passes through the Turbo-Element at the base of the disc cartridge. The Turbo-Element spins the water at a high velocity, causing heavier particles (i.e. sediment) to centrifugally spin outward, away from the disc media.

The dirty water passes through the depth of the discs, from the outside to the inside. The discs contain grooves that run radially across the surface of the discs. These grooves are precisely molded in the surface of the discs, slightly tapered from the outside to the inside. On the opposite side of the disc surface, the grooves are running in the opposite direction, therefore creating a cross-hatching of grooves across the depth of the discs.

Back Washing Filter System Operation
The combination of the Turbo-Element, the grooves molded in the surface of the discs, and the caking effect achieved by the depth of the media, extremely fine particulate removal is achieved.

The discs have tapered grooves that the water passes through. The discs are stacked tightly onto a cartridge frame. The entire disc cartridge fits inside an injection-molded polyamide housing (pod). Each groove alternates direction, causing a torturous path for the water. As the water passes through the grooves, extremely fine particles are trapped in the media. During backflush, the discs uniformly separate and release the contaminants from the surface of the discs.

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