Parker Filtration Laboratory Services


Suspended Solids Characterization
Suspended Solids by Weight (FTC 101)
      Suspended Solids by Volume (FTC 102)
      Particle Size Distribution
      Electronic Particle Counter
      Optical Particle Counter
      Turbidity Analysis
      Trace Metal Analysis

Filter Media Performance Evaluation
      Filter Cartridge Life Test
      Filter Cartridge Efficiency Test (ASTM F795-88)
      Simulated efficiency Test – Flat Sheet
      Simulated Life Test – Flat Sheet
      Sterilization Cycle Test (FTC 506)

Filter Media Characterization
      Pore Characterization (Porometry Analysis)
      Bubble Point (FTC 208)
      Air Permeability (FTC 204)
      Air Density (FTC 419)
      Scanning Electron Microscopy
      Video Microscopy
      Filter Construction Analysis
      Melting Point Determination
      Chemical Compatibility
      Special Testing at Customer Site

Provided these tools and services by the Parker Process Laboratory Services Group we can effectively identify with your specific filtration task given the debris characteristics and load of your fluid. WIth this valuable data the best media technology will surface and sizing of a filter system, e.g., vessel/media combination can be modeled using time between change as the sizing driver.

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