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Leading Manufacturer of Air & Gas Replacement Filters
Sidco Filter is a manufacturer of industrial filters for air and gas applications, specializing in common brand replacements.
They provide air or gas filter elements  or cartridges to interchange with over 100 different filter manufacturers and a cross reference of over 8,000 different competitors’ part numbers. They also manufacture industrial filter housings to replace your OEM brand or meet your specifications.   Some common filter brands they cross to are: Dollinger Filters, Consler, NAFCO, Shawndra or Sparks Filters, Solberg, IFM, Endustra, Sunshine Filters, Air Maze, Stoddard, and Ingersoll Rand Filters.

Metal End FiltersMETAL END CAPS Series 640

End caps are available in a variety of sizes and variations, consisting of double open ends or one closed end with a bolt hole. They are used for higher temperature environments.

Standard construction consists of perforated sheet metal cores covered with pleated textile or paper media. The textile media is supported between two layers of screen to increase its strength and durability. Most paper media has outer expanded metal shells.

Sewn End FiltersSEWN END FILTER Series 641

The sewn end filter design has been an industry standard used in the most difficult applications. Used in both Sidco and other compatible filter housings.

Available with a variety of textile medias. Filter medias available include:  10 micron , 5 micron, or 1 micron polyester felt, dynaglass media, nomex, or woven fiberglass media. These elements are hand sewn and assembled by our experienced work force, using the finest materials available. The textile media is cleanable at the jobsite. Elastomers are not used, thus eliminating compatibility problems.

Sidco Recovery Service: Return your used elements to Sidco where we will replace the used media with new. This provides you with a replacement filter at a fraction of the price. A true savings for you and the environment.  Give us a call to get recovery price for your current filter ccontact Fischer-Robertson at 513-860-3445 to receive a price and timeline.

Accordion Filter Elements

ACCORDION Series 642

Designed to replace OEM products. Accordion filters are used on large compressors and blowers and some special chemical process systems. Cylindrical pleat pack without a center core. Sometimes called a "slip-on" style.



Industrial Panel FiltersINDUSTRIAL PANEL FILTERS Series 643

*Panel frames constructed of heavier 18-gauge stainless steel.
*Media bonded to frames with high strength adhesive on all sides to ensure filter endurance application.
*18-gauge flattened-expanded metal used to maintain strength
within the flow.
*uilt to Original Equipment Specifications with full media capacity.
*Cost effective choice to OEM Replacements.

Wire Mesh Filter Elements


Originally designed by OEMS as oil wetted filters before dry medias were readily used. Manufactured with layers of crimped screen and assembled with inner and outer cores and molded ends.


Mist Eliminator Filter ElementsMIST ELIMINATORS/PAD SETS Series 645

Replacement elements for competitor designed mist eliminator housings. These elements may consist of fiberglass tubes, pad sets, or a variety of pleated designs.   Elements shown are pleated fiberglass between 2 layers of screen and the ends are constructed of high temp epoxy.

Pre-Filter Wraps & Blankets


Replacement pre-wraps are manufactured from polyurethane foam or lofted dacron to be placed on OEM or Sidco products.



Molded End Filter ElementsMOLDED END FILTER ELEMENT Series 647

Utilized in variety of industrial filter applications:
*Air intake  *Turbine Engines *Air compressors  *Gas pipelines *Blowers   *Various industrial machinery

Designed to meet or exceed original specifications with many different materials and configurations available.

Double Open Ends: Molded from high quality plastisol that seals the ends of the radial fins and acts as a gasket against the sealing plates in the filter housing.

Core: Regularly constructed of heavy perforated sheet metal with 58% open area, resulting in high strength and low Delta P. This is coated with a rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion.

Media: The textile media we use has been considered the best in the industry for many years. Our standard is polyester felt rated for 10 micron at 98% efficiency. A variety of other materials are available upon request.

Support: The textile media is supported between two layers of screen to increase its strength and durability.

Coalescer Filter ElementsCOALESCER FILTER ELEMENTS Series 648
Our Coalescing filter elements designed to remove entrained liquid and mist from air/gas pipelines and vents. Several designs make up this filter product line, starting at the two stage fiberglass tube style and extending to pleated media. The efficiency rating and pressure drop varies with the design. Premium grade components and molded ends, made of oil resistant plastisol, are standard with these products.  The style show is fiberglass tubes with oil resistant ends.


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