Shawndra Air Gas Vacuum Filtration

Air & Gas Filter Elements Cartridges & PanelsFilter Elements: Air & Gas Service
* Air Compressor Filters
* Blower Filters
* Turbine Filters
* Vacuum Pump Filters
* High Temperature Air & Gas Filtration
* Custom Designs To Meet Specific Applications-Requirements

Recoverable Sewn or Rubber End Filter Elements.
Classic radial fin textile media elements are unsurpassed for low differential pressure, dirt holding capacity and efficiency. They stop particulates before they can move downstream. Select either recoverable 10 Sewn End Filter Elements or 10 long life low cost polyurethane rubber molded end elements, as your needs dictate to remove 98% of all airborne dust and dirt. Unlike PVC, our urethane rubber ends have no phthalate elastomers or other plasticizers. Dozens of alternative filter media are available for services having finer micron retentions, elevated temperatures and/or aggressive chemistry.

desicantflt.gif (15653 bytes)An air gas filter housing should be designed to operate with the practical simplicity and economics of an all-in-one stage filter element.

Our filter elements are specified to remove 98% of all dust, dirt, and other airborne particles. We offer several quick and simple choices of standard replacement filter elements whose physical size, and medial area to air flow ratios have been carefully calculated. Beyond our standard selections, we offer more than 50 additional media for services into the realm of the unimaginable.

We specialize in just one thing, filtering particulates and airborne mists from air and other gaseous flows. We employ design principals which have been proven for over 60 years. While it is true that customers occasionally utilize these filters for liquid filtration, they are designed first and foremost for their exemplary performance in non-liquid
flows. You should know that we design and manufacture air/gas filters because we like to. We know you'll be pleased with the filters you receive. If you're not happy, we're not happy.

Independent Laboratory Testing: We design to meet or exceed OEM specs. All tests were conducted at independent labs.

Filtration efficiency indicates the size of the solid particles that the filter medium will stop. Test results are shown for the two most common synthetic textile filter media, #5 and #7. We can provide alternative media to meet services requiring retentions to 0.1 (micron) or temperatures exceeding 500 F.

Media Permeability is the rate of air flow through the porous filter medium with respect to the force needed to accomplish the flow. Textile filter media are typically 3 to 4 times less resistant to flow than cellulosic media. Textile filter media provide maximum dirt holding capacity while minimizing the pressure drop across the media. The permeability chart can help to size a filter element to your specific needs. Remember to also consider the pressure drop caused by the filter housing and other classic pipe loses.

* Instrumentation- HIAC 4100/1100 sensor; Efficiency counts/250 cu.ft.

Polyester Felt? its proven!
The lions share of air intake applications are served admirably by Sparks™ #5 polyester felt media. It's classic in its performance at 98% retention of particles measuring 10 and larger. Unlike cellulosic media, polyester felt has a significant value as a torturous path material, affording superior flow characteristics over a longer useful life. It's inherently lower resistance to flow permits more open fin spacing for greater dirt holding capacity, and easier cleaning with an air hose or spray gun.

For superior low micron capture, our #7 polyester felt can stop 98% of all particles 4 & larger.

Shawndra Air & Gas Filter Vessels

Pressure & Vacuum Air / Gas Filter Vessels

* ASME Code Filter Vessels for Air & Gas
* All Connection Types & Sizes
* Design Pressures to 1480psig (higher as required)
* Rugged Steel, Stainless Steel, and Alloy Construction



Natural Gas Coalescing Filter 1480PSIG
Natural Gas Coalescing Filter  740PSIG
Natural Gas Coalescing Filter   285PSIG
Natural Gas Coalescing Filter   175PSIG

Shawdra Air Intake Exhaust Filter HousingsAir Filters: Air Intake / In-Line / Exhaust / Tank Vents
    Air Intakes & Exhausts
     Air Compressors
     Pneumatic Conveying
     Vacuum Pumps
     Gas Turbines
     Flows to 100,000CFM
     304,318, 316L & Alloys


Air Intake Filters Vessels HousingsSeries A10, A30, A40, & A50 air intake filters offer time honored protection for compressors, blowers, turbines, engines, and other air handling equipment. They are fabricated from heavy gauge enameled steel. Weather hoods on models


Air Intake & Vent FiltersA10 & A30 reject rain and snow. Any standard models can be modified at your request to more exactly fit your needs. Connection Sizes 4" to 30"
Male NPT (MT) or flat face flanges (FF) are std. Flanges match diameter & drilling for 150# ANSI standard. Specify optional right angle base (AF) for side mounts, (FT) for female NPT, (BE) for bevel or (PE) for square cut that match nominal pipe ODs, or (TE) for square cut that match actual tube ODs. Increased or decreased connections sizes are also optional on any model.


Air Filter Elements


Accordion Elements w/Prefilter These washable pleated textile media elements are rugged performers. They have very high dirt holding capacity and high efficiency. In each unit, a single accordion filter element is placed over the housing’s fixed perforated center tube. The "accordion" element is cinched in place with a supplied retaining strap (not shown), and is then wrapped with a 90 prefilter blanket (not shown). Permanent housing gaskets (not shown) seal each end of the filter element.




Air Gas Pipeline Filter Vessels Rugged Enameled Steel or 304SS Construction
These air and gas pipe line filters offer exceptional protection for compressed gas pipelines, air dryers, pneumatic controls, and other pipeline equipment. They are fabricated from rugged enameled carbon steel (series P20) or 304SS (series P22), designed, constructed, and stamped, in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code requirements for unfired pressure vessels. Any model can be readily modified at your request to more exactly fit your needs.



Vacuum Filter VesselsVacuum Filter Vessel (Non-Code)
Rugged Enameled Steel Construction Series P20 air and gas pipe line vacuum filters offer exceptional protection similar to our pressure vessels. They are fabricated from rugged enameled carbon steel. Any model can be modified at your request to more exactly fit your needs.

Connection Sizes from 1" to 12"
NPT or raised face flanges (RF) in-line connections are std. Alternative orientations and sizes are available upon request. A hinged swing bolt closure is standard.


Coalescing Pipeline Filters

Coal Bed Methane Filtration

Utilities Filtration Tools ... easy access to our filtration toolbox

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