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Coalescing Pipeline Filters: Single & Two Stage
Coalescing Pipeline Filters
Series R100 Horizontal / Vertical
Engineered for horizontal installation, vertically oriented coalescing filter elements, tangentially offset inlet and outlets with integral Slug Catcher. Angled element base support enhances fluid drainage. Quick opening closures and alternate element stacks are available.


Custom Made CoalescersCustom Coalescing Filter Elements
... enables us to filter the natural gas that fuels the first operational turbine in world, A GE gas turbine currently being used to compress natural gas in a gas transmission pipeline in West Virginia. This single Sparks filter protects the delicate internals of four gas turbines, two GE's and two Allisons.

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Coalescing Air Gas Filter CartridgesCoalescing Filter Elements
Coalescing elements can eliminate mists and particulates from your air / gas pipelines. We offer several media options that are up to 98% efficient down to 0.1 Microns. We also offer media and core options that are compatible in environments with more aggressive chemistry.



Obviously there are numerous coalescing filter cartridge / vessel combinations available to best fit specific application requirements. To obtain addition information or pursue discussion surrounding a particular task mail or contact our office.

Coal Bed Methane Filtration

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