Sparks Coalescing Pipeline Filters

Sparks R100 Coalescing Filter Separator


These coalescing filter separators use dry type replaceable coalescer elements. They provide safe and efficient operation, convenient access, and exceptional service life. Their large rugged filter elements have pleated media to combine efficiency with low pressure drop.




Coalescing Pipeline Filter


Solid particles and free liquids removed from natural gas streams prevents damage to rotating turbine blades and other equipment in the fuel supply.

Engineered for horizontal installation, vertically oriented coalescing filter elements, and integral Slug Catcher. Angled element base support enhances fluid drainage. Quick opening closures and alternate element stacks are available.


R100™ Multiple Stack Options
...for high pressure and high flows. All units ASME U Stamp with National Board Registration. Options include; relief valves, dump valves, float valves, sight glass, ladders/platforms, assorted gauges & piping, pads of mesh or directional separators and one, two three or four stage high flow elements available.

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Coal Bed Methane Filtration

Natural Gas Coalescing Filter 1480PSIG
Natural Gas Coalescing Filter  740PSIG
Natural Gas Coalescing Filter  285PSIG

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