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Filtration Notes:

Aviation Filter RFQ ATA 103 Notice
In the latest revision of ATA 103 (ATA Spec 103 Revision 2009), many of the changes directly impact fuel filtration. This link provides some of the major changes and what they mean for those in the fuel handling industry.


Articles & Case Studies In Filtration
Articles are educational in nature describing filtration basics and phenomena while Case Studies will complement and support the filtration discussion presented within our Filtration Notes. The case studies are reality based, well document and validated efforts which can possibly direct various filtration cost reduction efforts.

Filtration 101 (article)
Filtration Technology: High Viscosity Filtration (case study)
Key Attributes of Paint Filters (article)
Effective and Economical Hydrocarbon Removal (article)
Coal Bed Methane Filtration

Aviation Tools & Technical Information
The following technical information is available in .pdf format and is available for downloading.

General Filter Vessel & Auxiliary Component Description & Function (170k)
Glossary of Terms (32k)
Frequently Used Conversions (34.7k)
A.P.I. Publication 1581 Summary (185k)
Monitor Interlock Operating Principle (745k)
Typical Float Control & Slug Valve Hook-Up (313k)

Fueling: Coalescer Separator Vessel Pilot & Float Testing

CD-ROM Tools Available Upon Request

CLARIFIER COLLECTION: Offers a collection of past Clarifier articles related to aviation and fuel handling equipment, procedures, training, etc., following is a partial listing of articles and tutorials:

Absorbent-Type Elements
JFK’s Large-Scale Filtering Initiative
A Dissertation on Delta P
Dissertation on Delta P (Continued from Page 7)
Are Vessels Installed Correctly?
Dissertation on Delta P (Continued from Page 8)
Black Spots on Coalescer Socks
Pre-Mixed Fuel? Don’t Forget to Drain!
Separators in ACI Converted F/S Vessels?
Teflon Coated Screen (TCS) Separators - "A Bit of a Primer"
Air in Filter/Separator Vessels
Diesel Fuel – Water Removal & Filtration
Coalescers in Pre-Mixed Fuel
Clay Element Changeout – When?
New Needle Assembly for Hydrokits Will Prevent Improper Needle Insertion
Velcon Introduces New Products
Filter/Separator Inspection Procedures
Filter/Separator Inspection Procedures, continued
Changes to Mobile Filter/Separators
Military Refuelers: Conversion to Aquacon Cartridges
Why Do My Elements Plug Up So Fast?
More Fires in Filter Vessels
Effects of Additives on Filter Elements

Parker Advanced Process Filtration inPHorm: An indispensable tool that greatly assists in the selection of the correct media and housings for your application. This update to the original program includes an updated reference section and totally new interchange tool. It can generate printable detailed selection summary reports and/or display CAD drawings. Unique to the CD program is the Filtration Economics tool that allows you to compare costing values of various vessel/media combinations to model post installation filter usage.

Bag Filter Request for Quote Form RFQ quick form ... simply fill in the "blaks" and mail to:

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