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Upgrading Commercial Aircraft Fuel Filtration Equipment to meet the requirements of Air Transport Association of America Jet Fuel Quality Control Standard ATA 103 and API/IP-1581 Group II, Third Edition

Air Transport Association of America Standard No. 103 requires that filter/separators must meet current API/IP-1581, Group II specifications. These API requirements for filter/separators also apply to international oil companies and airlines. Velcon Filters has successfully completed numerous qualification tests to the Third (current) Edition of API/IP-1581 Group II using Velcon "85" and "87" Series Coalescer Cartridges.

In some cases, bringing equipment into compliance with API/IP-1581 Group II may be as easy as simply installing "85" or "87" coalescer cartridges at the next regular changeout. However, in many cases it will be more complicated. It may involve changes in the second stage elements, changes in element mounting hardware, or even blinding-off some existing element positions. The reason for this is that API/IP-1581 covers the complete filter/separator assembly and not just the elements. In order to comply, the filter/separator must be identical or similar to a unit that has been successfully tested to the specification. Because of the wide variety of existing sizes and shapes, it is unlikely that a particular filter/separator will be identical to one that has been tested. However, it is highly probable that it is similar enough to a vessel Velcon has tested so that it can be qualified to API/IP-1581 by Similarity Data.

General Aviation Fueling If the facilities are being used only for general aviation fueling, the oil company supplying fuel should be consulted. Some oil companies specify API/IP-1581 Group I elements for filter/separators that are used for general aviation only. In this case, Velcon "83" or "6" series coalescer cartridges with appropriate separator elements will meet the specifications.
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How to install Velcon Filters Inc. "T" series elements and Teflon® *coated screen separators – SO Series – into horizontal FRAM FCS filter separators.
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Adapt Facet/Fram Filter/Separator Vessels to API Bulletin 1581, Third Edition, Group II, Class C (Mobile Fueling Equipment) Specifications with the Velcon System of Element Installation.
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Conversion: Facet/Fram VFCS Series Filter Separator & Keene (Bowser) 852 Series Filter Separator
Velcon Filters Inc. element systems installed in the above units have provided radical improvements in fuel filtering efficiency and reliability. Field and laboratory tests have proven the elements in this system to be superior in all important filtering functions! For API-1581 Group II Requirements, refer to Velcon’s API Vessel/Element List, or Contact: Fischer-Robertson, Inc.
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Conversion Kit for Fram/Facet Series VFCS-194-123 Super Flex™ Filter/Separator Vessels
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