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ATA 103 Fuel Filtration Updates 2009 ATA 103 Notice
In the latest revision of ATA 103 (ATA Spec 103 Revision 2009), many of the changes directly impact fuel filtration. This link provides some of the major changes and what they mean for those in the fuel handling industry.


Velcon 5th Edition Coalescers Separators
Coalescer/Separator Cartridges for Aviation Fuel Qualified to API/IP 1581 5th Edition


The I-6xxC5 (TB), I-6xxMM, and I-6xxA4 Series of coalescers incorporate a multi-layered pleated media designed to provide superior dirt holding capacity in the field, combined with 0.4 micron efficiency. The I-6xxC5 (TB) will replace both Velcon’s I-6xx85 (TB) and I-6xx87 (TB) cartridges. These cartridges are available in either threaded base or open-end configuration. For more information concerning dimensions and general specifications please contact Fischer-Robertson, Inc. and refer to our data sheet #1732.

The SO-6xxV5, SO-6xxPV5, and SO-6xxVA5 are Teflon coated screen cartridges. To achieve optimum flow distribution these cartridges incorporate a variable hole pattern inner tube combined with a uniform hole pattern outer tube specifically designed for installation in vertical filter/separators. For horizontal vessels our previously qualified Teflon ® Separator Cartridges SO-6xxV, SO-6xxC, and SO-6xxVA would be used. Please contact Fischer-Robertson, Inc and refer to our data sheet #1521 for overall dimensions and general specifications.
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Velcon Separators
Separator Cartridges Filter/Separator 2nd Stage Elements
Separator Cartridges are employed as the second stage in filter/separator vessels. Their sole function is to repel coalesced water drops produced by the first stage cartridges while allowing hydro-carbon fluids to pass through. Water drops settle into the filter/separator sump and are not carried downstream. All particle filtering is done by the first stage coalescer cartridge.
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Velcon Synthetic Separator Cartridges
Repeller™ Synthetic Separator Cartridges

The Repeller, Velcon’s synthetic material separator, has successfully passed Group II, Class B tests in vertical and horizontal test vessels with our 85 series coalescers. Flow rates for both the coalescers and separators are higher than previous Group II, B tests. The Repeller is intended for customers who want a low cost, disposable, low static charging separator. API qualified flow rates in vertical class B vessels with the Repeller will range from 209 to 1,670 USGPM; from 250 to 2,000 USGPM in the horizontal class B vessels. Thus, most of the Class B vessels in the field can be retrofitted with the new Repeller synthetic separator cartridges.
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Velcon Inside - Out Flow Filter Cartridges
FI Series Inside-to-Out Flow Filter Cartridges
Specialized Filters for Use in Filter/Separator Vessels
The FI Series of Inside-to-Out flow filter cartridges are specially designed to replace the coalescer elements in filter-separator vessels. The FI filter cartridges are excellent choices to reduce filtration costs when flushing new systems, or when a filter/separator vessel is used to remove particulate matter only and not water. (Many surplus F/S vessels in the field have been used as pre-filter/micronic vessels.) The FG suffix, all fiberglass filter elements (e.g., Fl-622FG10TB), are intended for colloidal or slimy type matter; whereas the PL suffix, pleated paper filter elements (e.g., FI-644PLF5), are intended for normal particulate matter.
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Velcon Clay Canisters Cartridges
CO-718 Series Cartridges for Fuel and Oil Treatment
The Velcon CO-718 Series elements are intended for use in all clay treatment vessels designed for nominal 7" x 18" cartridges. The treatment/purification medium is a special blend of low volatile materials (LVM) fuller’s earth compounded to provide the optimum balance between adsorptive capacity and water resistance. With their ability to prevent channeling and their high particle structure stability, the elements assure reliable performance and long life in the most exacting process applications.
Jet Fuel Treatment – One of the most common uses for clay elements is to remove surfactants from jet fuels. Surfactants can carry over from the refinery process or be picked up when the jet fuel travels through multi-product pipelines (corrosion inhibitors, gasoline additives, etc.). Surfactants will eventually disarm filter/separators, which are primarily designed to remove water from the jet fuel. By removing surfactants from the fuel, the clay elements protect the downstream filter/separators. Since clay removes the surfactants by an adsorbent (adhering) action, the fuel residence time, or time in contact with the clay, is very important for proper fuel treatment. Normally, a flow rate of about 6.5 gpm per 7" x 18" element is ideal for jet fuel.
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Velcon CDF Fuel Monitor Cartridges
CDF® Fuel Monitor Cartridges

Field Proven: CDF Replacement Cartridges Assure Clean Dry Fuel Delivery
The Velcon CDF®  Series cartridges are designed to provide superior performance and reliability in standard fuel monitor housings through a unique, patented combination of media that absorbs water and filters solids that may be present in the fuel. Full flow through the media is provided by plastic end caps that are bonded to the media and an O-ring seal on the outlet end. This minimizes the possibilities of bypassing contaminated fuel or trans-mission of water downstream at low flow rates. The presence of water and/or dirt in the influent fuel is indicated by an increase in the pressure differential (or a decrease in flow rate if the monitor housing is not equipped with a differential pressure gauge). These changes are the result of flow restriction caused by dirt filtration or water absorption in the media. The rapidity of these changes will depend on the quantity of water or contaminant present. The CDF-K Series construction contains an extra layer of fine  filter medium required to meet the tighter filtration requirements of the API/IP-1583 specification.
In fuels containing anti-icing additive (Di-EGME, FSII, Prist®), stagnant water bottoms can absorb large amounts of the anti-icing additive. This water/FSII solution can disarm water-absorbing elements allowing water to pass downstream. Daily draining of the monitor vessel and of water bottoms upstream of the elements is IMPERATIVE. Also, changeout @ 15 psid.
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Velcon Aquacon Water Reomal CartridgesACO Aquacon® Aviation Fuel Filter Cartridges
Patented* AquaconFilter Cartridges have a unique high-capacity inner filter media which removes all free and emulsified water from hydrocarbon fuels down to less than 5 ppm in the effluent. Absorbed water is chemically locked into this media and cannot be squeezed out. When a cartridge reaches its water holding capacity, its accordion pleats swell and cause an increase in the differential pressure which signals the operator to change the cartridge. Solid contaminants are removed by the cartridge’s two particulate filter media layers. The pleated accordion style design provides a large surface area for maximum dirt holding capacity. Models are offered for particulate filtration down to 1/2 micrometer size with 98% plus efficiency. Performance is not affected by the presence of surface active agents.  
In fuels containing anti-icing additive (Di-EGME, FSII, Prist®), stagnant water bottoms can absorb large amounts of the anti-icing additive. This water/FSII solution can disarm water absorbing elements allowing water to pass down-stream. Daily draining of the monitor vessel and of water bottoms upstream of the elements is IMPERATIVE. Also, changeout @ 15 psid.
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