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ATA 103 Updates Aviatiation Fuel Handling 2009ATA 103 Notice
In the latest revision of ATA 103 (ATA Spec 103 Revision 2009), many of the changes directly impact fuel filtration. This link provides some of the major changes and what they mean for those in the fuel handling industry.

Differential Pressure & Rate of FLow GaugeNEW Flow Rate Indicator / Differential Pressure Gauge
This new product is to make it possible for the operator to record the flow rate each time that he reads the differential pressure gauge.  A differential pressure reading is of little value if the flow rate is not known.  The primary existing market for this new product is in the hydrant systems at airports.  It is necessary to have a way to obtain the flow rate of fuel passing through every filter separator but the cost for conventional flow meters is very expensive, so there are very few in airports today.  Another location where the rate of flow is needed is where refueler trucks are loaded, although many have flow meters if ownership of the fuel changes.

The maximum flow rating for the 5th Edition elements of the API (EI) 1581 specification is probably different from the nameplate on older filter separators, so another advantage of our flow meter is that the rate of flow pilot on the Cla-Val (or other brand) slug valve can now be adjusted.  

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