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ATA 103 Updates Fuel Filtration 2009 ATA 103 Notice
In the latest revision of ATA 103 (ATA Spec 103 Revision 2009), many of the changes directly impact fuel filtration. This link provides some of the major changes and what they mean for those in the fuel handling industry.

Updated API/EI 5th Edition Downloads
     Vertical Filter/Separators API/EI 5th Edition Qualified
     HV-HVS Horizontal Filter-Separator Vessels15815th1939.pdf

Aviation Filter RFQRFQ Form   API/EI qualified 1581 5th., Edition filter vessels

Separator Sump Recovery System
Sump Recovery System:
The Sump Recovery System is a closed circuit system for clean and bright fuel testing that allows the tested fuel to be conserved, filtered, and circulated back into the fuel supply. Velcon’s Sump Recovery System is designed to enable operators to re-claim fuel when sumping filter/separators, monitors and other vessels under pressure that may have water in the bottom of the vessel, per ATA 103 The system can also be used to re-claim fuel during filter change out with auxiliary tank.
Sump Recovery System ... Sump Recovery System



Velcon Vertical Filter SeparatorsVertical Filter/Separators
API Qualified V and VV-Series
Compact VV Series Filter/Separators comply fully with API/EI 1581, Fifth Edition, requirements for Category C equipment. Units are designed for ease of maintenance with one piece threaded base “C5” Series Coalescer Elements and reusable one-piece Teflon ® coated screen “V5” Series Separator Elements (see Velcon Form 1923).
More Velcon Separator Information ... 1212.pdf 



Portable Filter SeparatorsPortable Filter Separator Vessels
Velcon’s AVV Series portable fi lter/separator vessels are designed to remove water and solids from jet fuel, military fuels, and diesel fuel. The units can be deployed rapidly in the fi eld to remote sites to ensure clean dry fuel. The vessels are built and qualifi ed to ATPD 2320A for fl ow rates up to 350 USGPM and the cartridges have been  tested and qualifi ed to MILPRF-52308J.
More Velcon Separator Information ... 2022.pdf 


Velcon Horizontal Filter Separator
Horizontal Filter/Separators HV Series

Easier cartridge change:

The horizontal filter/separator design provides more convenient access to the cartridges than the vertical design.

Effluent cleanliness:
A horizontal filter/separator must be drained to change the elements. This prevents the possibility of getting dirt in the effluent that can occur if the operator does not fully drain a vertical vessel when changing elements. The separator mounting holes on a horizontal vessel are in a vertical plane at the top of the vessel so it is nearly impossible to get dirt in the effluent when cartridges are being changed.

Lower cost:
A horizontal filter/separator will normally cost less than a vertical filter/separator of the same rated flow, for the same specifications.

Industry Qualified
Velcon HV Series Horizontal Filter/Separators are qualified to API Bulletin 1581. These units incorporate one piece threaded base coalescer elements for easy, reliable installation and reusable one piece Teflon ® coated screen separators.
More Velcon Separator Information ... 1736.pdf

Velcon Horizontal Military Separator Vessels
Horizontal Filter/Separator Vessels for Fixed Installations at Military Facilities
USAF Filter/Separator Specifications Section 15880

Velcon HV-xxxx225 Series Horizontal Filter/Separators are qualified to USAF Specification 15880. This speci fication is similar to API/EI 1581, Fifth Edition, Category M. These vessels incorporate one piece threaded base coalescer elements for easy, reliable installation and reusable one piece Teflon® coated screen separators.
More Velcon Separator Information ... 1750.pdf




Velcon Horizontal Filter Separator HV HVS Series
Compact Side and End Opening Horizontal Filter/Separator Vessels for Mobile Fueling Equipment

Designed Specifically for Hydrant Carts and Refuelers

• Reduced Weight is vital in the manufacture of refuelers and hydrant carts. Velcon Filter/Separators drastically reduce the weight of the vessel. • Reduced Size, is another important factor in designing refuelers and hydrant carts. Velcon Filter/Separators reduce the size of the vessel by up to 50%. • Easier Maintenance, One piece cartridge   design provides faster changeout and fewer potential gasket leaks than stacked cartridges. • Industry Qualified, Velcon HV and HVS Series Horizontal Filters/Separators are fully qualified to API Publication 1581, Third Edition, Groups I and II, Class C (mobile installations). These units incorporate one piece threaded base coalescer elements for easy, reliable installation and reusable one piece Teflon® coated screen separators. More Velcon Separator Information ... 1214.pdf

Velcon Aquacon HF Series Filter Vesse;HF Series Aquacon® Filter Vessels For Aircraft Fueling Trucks, Hydrant Carts and Cabinets
Positive protection against water and dirt is provided by Aquacon elements in a manner that solves many problems inherent in other aircraft fueling filters.

In fuels containing anti-icing additive (Di-EGME, FSII, Prist® ), stagnant water bottoms can absorb large amounts of the anti-icing additive. This water/FSII solution can disarm water absorbing elements allowing water to pass down-stream. Daily draining of the monitor vessel and of water bottoms upstream of the elements is IMPERATIVE. Also, changeout @ 15 psid.
More Velcon Separator Information ... 1700.pdf

Velcon V Series Filter Separator
• Threaded Base Coalescer Elements
• Pleated Paper Separator Elements
• 150 psi ASME Code Construction
• RF Flanged Connections
• Swing Bolt Closure with O-ring Seal
• Epoxy-Coated Interior, Primed Exterior

Pleated paper second stage cartridges are standard in V series Filter/Separators for Diesel Grade Fuels and alsofor Jet Fuel installations  where this type of cartridge is specified.
More Velcon Separator Information ... 1355.pd



Velcon VV-1033 Filter Separator
Compact Design Simplified Maintenance
Filter/Separator VV-1033

The compact VV-1033 is suitable for use where the performance requirements of Group II, Class C of API Publication 1581 must be met. This filter/separator can be used on mobile refueling equipment and in fueling cabinets. The unit is designed for easy maintenance with a one-piece threaded base coalescer inside a reusable Teflon® coated screen separator canister.
More Velcon Separator Information ... 1753.pdf




Velcon V-818 Filter Separator

Low cost protection against dirt and water contamination of jet, gasoline, and diesel fuels.

The Velcon V818 series is designed for assuring CLEAN and DRY FUEL delivery at smaller installations.  This compact unit will meet the effluent clarity requirement of MIL-F-8901 when operated and drained properly. Positive protection against water transmission when the filter/separator is overloaded can be achieved by use of the Velcon CDF® Series elements option inside a Teflon® coated screen second stage. This option provides in a single vessel the performance which normally requires both a filter/separator vessel and a monitor vessel, and effluent clarity will meet API/IP-1583 Monitor Specs. Installation is easy using standard pipe couplings. Male and female pipe union is available as an accessory for connection to the outlet to facilitate the installation and provide for quick cartridge changeout.
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