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Velcon Water Absorbing Filter CartridgesAquacon® Water Absorbing Cartridges

Aquacon Cartridges have a patented* construction for removing dirt and water from hydrocarbon and other oils as well as gases. The outer media layer filters out silt, rust and other particulate contaminants. The inner layers absorb water and chemically bond it so that no water will release downstream. When the Aquacon Cartridge reaches its water holding limit, the media swells shut and the differential pressure rapidly increases. This signals the operator that the cartridge must be changed.
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Velcon Insulating Oil FiltersInsulating Oil Filters Aquacon® 1-Hi, 2-Hi, 3-Hi, & 4-Hi

artridge Description

Aquacon filter cartridges were originally developed to meet the demanding requirements of aviation fuel filtration. They remove dirt and water with very high efficiency. The AC-8 Series Aquacon Cartridges were developed specifically for use with insulating oils. These cartridges provide the most efficient, cost effective conditioning available for insulating and other oils. They have been field proven at numerous electrical utilities. The Aquacon accordion pleated style design provides large surface areas of filter media in compact, small diameter cartridges. Glass microfiber filtration medias are combined with water removing super-absorbent polymers in four different configurations; 01, 1/2, P3, and P4D. These four cartridge styles fill a range of cost/performance requirements. The four filter media styles are offered in integral 1-Hi 2-Hi, 3-Hi, and 4-Hi cartridges, shown above, to replace one, two, three, or four conventional stacked disk-type cart-ridges. In the center photo, three disk cartridges are shown being replaced by a single AquaconAC-8221/2 cartridge. The compact, integral design makes these cartridges easier to install and replace than the disk-type. Heavy duty construction has eliminated the problems of used-element separation associated with the disk-type. These features, combined with the out-standing filtration performance of Aquacon cartridges, provide significant operating cost savings, reliability, and ease of use.
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Velcon Synthetic Filter CartridgesSynthetic Media Filter Cartridges FOS Series

FOS Series synthetic media cartridges provide excellent filtration performance for a wide variety of industrial applications. They excel in applications where water or chemicals cause softening or degradation of conventional resin impregnated cellulose (pleated paper) filter media. Due to the finer synthetic fibers used, FOS cartridges have a low pressure drop. Replacing an equivalent size paper filter will, in many cases, result in improved filtration efficiency, higher flow rates, longer service life, and significant cost savings.
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Fuller’s Earth and Activated Alumina Filter CartridgesAdsorbent Media Cartridges
Fuller’s Earth & Activated Alumina

Velcon adsorbent media cartridges combine the highest grade sorbing materials with specially selected structural components. Field proven at major semiconductor companies, these cartridges maintain oil quality in the most corrosive environments. Models LA-61801B and LA-71801B contain a special grade of fuller’s earth mined in Florida and Georgia. This clay is heat refined to increase sorbing capacity and water resistance. Models LB-71801 and LB-1107B contain a granular form of activated alumina that has proven most effective for oil purification.
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Velcon SIngle Cartridge Filter HousingSingle 718 Size Filter Vessel

Cartridge Selection
Water and Dirt Removal – AC-718 Series Aquacon® Cartridges remove both water and dirt from all oils and fuels. SD-718 SuperDri® Cartridges remove dissolved water from insulating oils. Acid Removal – LA-71801B Cartridges contain the most effective form of fuller’s earth available. LB-71801 Cartridges contain activated alumina. Field proven in vacuum pump oil applications. Solids Removal – FO-718PL Series high surface area pleated cartridges are the most cost effective for particulate contaminant removal. FOS-618/718PL Series all synthetic media cartridges are also available for particle removal. For removing amorphous, soft contaminants, FO-618FGA Series Cartridges with fiberglass depth media are often the most cost effective.
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Velcon Single & Double Stack Cartridge Filter HousingsSingle and Double Element Housings

• VF-81C – a single element housing designed in accordance with the ASME code • VF-82C – a double element housing designed in accordance with the ASME code. • VF-82B – a non-code design that holds two cartridges. VF-8 series vessels accommodate Aquacon® super absorbent or other special purpose filter cartridges.
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Velcon Cartridge Filter Housings Single and Double Element Housings 1 1/2 " Inlet/Outlet

• Carbon steel construction
• 150 psi design pressure
• 225 psi hydro-test pressure
• White enamel exterior
• Epoxy coated interior
• 1 1/2" NPT female inlet/outlet
• 3/4" NPT drain couplings (qty 2)

50 or 100 gpm maximum flow rates for fuels. For oils, determine viscosity, then rate based on cartridge flow capacities.
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Velcon Insulating Oil Filter HousingsInsulating Oil Filter Housings
Designed to use Velcon’s new SD-807 and SD-1107SuperDri® Cartridges for transformer filling and drying applications. Also accepts Velcon AC-800 and AC-1100 Series insulating oil filter cartridges. Single O-ring seal provides leak-free service. Swing bolts with eye nuts offer easy opening of hinged cover. Positive knife edge cartridge seal. Low flow restriction design.
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6 -12 Cartridge Filter HousingsSix and Twelve Cartridge Housings

Standard Features
• ASME Code Design
• Carbon Steel Construction
• 150 psi operating pressure, 225 psi test
• O-Ring closure
• Primed exterior, oil coated interior
• Positive seal tie-rod cartridge mounting
• Swing bolt lid closure
• Four types of cartridge media available
• Lid lifting mechanism • 200°F Design temperature

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