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Heavy Duty Portable Handcart Filtration Systems Remove Water and Dirt from Oils...

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MP1EG Portable Oil Filter

Lightweight Portable Handcart Filter Pump Removes Water and Dirt From Gear Oil


• Removes dirt and water from gear oil and other high viscosity oils
• Filters oils with viscosities up to 12,000 SUS (2,600 cSt.) – equivalent to an ISO VG 680 oil (SAE 140 wt gear oil) at 70°F
• Components specifically selected for use with high viscosity oils– large, reinforced suction hoses– 1 gpm flow rate– oversized motor
• Can also be used with lighter hydraulic, lube and insulating oils
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Mobile Filter Cart MP5
Portable Oil Filter MP5

The MP5 is a compact, portable filter system designed for use at the site of contaminated oil. It is easily wheeled to the sump or reservoir by one person. The MP5 is completely self-contained and requires only electricity for operation. Standard features are listed on the reverse side. Note that the unit incorporates a reliable gear pump with an integral pump pressure relief valve to prevent system over-pressure. A selection of high performance filter cartridges is offered for use with the MP5. Cartridge changes can be made in only a few minutes.
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Dual Vessel Portable Filter CartTwin Housing Lightweight & Portable Mobile Filter System

MCP5E Series-Flow – This model employs two different types of filter cartridges in series. Typically, the first of the MCP’s two housings is utilized as a prefilter. With heavy carbon or dirt contamination, this prefilter holds a cost-effective particulate or colloidal cartridge and the second in series holds an Aquacon® super-absorbent water removing cartridge. Since the AquaconCartridge seldom needs to be replaced, operating costs are reduced. Other cartridge combinations have proven to be effective for filtering vacuum pump oil and other oils in corrosive environments. Use either an economical dirt cartridge or an Aquacon dirt and water cartridge in the first stage and either a Fuller’s Earth or an Activated Alumina cartridge in the second. The first stage removes dirt or dirt and water while the second removes acids, gums, surfactants, varnishes, soaps, color bodies, corrosive gasses, polar compounds, and oxidation products.

MDP5E Alternate-Flow – Only one housing on this model is utilized at a time. The operator can manually switch the oil flow from one housing to the other at his option. This is very useful when down-time is critical. The oil can filter through one side while the cartridge is being changed in the other housing with little or no interruption of oil flow. Another application of the MDP5E is to use a different type of cartridge in each of the housings. An economical dirt removing cartridge, for example, can be employed in the first housing for routine filtering. When water is detected in the oil, the flow can be manually diverted to the second housing, containing an AquaconCartridge, for both water and dirt removal. Contact Fischer-Robertson regarding other types of cartridges and cartridge combinations which are available.
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10 / 30 GPM Mobile Filter CartsHeavy Duty Portable Filtration Systems Double Capacity: 10 and 30 GPM Versions


Double capacity HP Series Portable Filter Pumps are recommended for oils with higher concentrations of dirt, water and other contaminants. Two models are offered with a choice of 10 and 30 gpm flow rates. The HP30, thirty-gallons per minute model is the preferred choice at electrical utility installations for transferring and filtering insulating oil. It has been proven to be economical, fast, and efficient for applications of this type involving larger volumes of oil. The HP Series two-cartridge design filters and holds more than twice as much contaminant as single cartridge units. Several different types of filter cartridges are offered for specific applications. Cartridges can be changed in only a few minutes. HP Series Filter Pumps are highly portable. Large pneumatic wheels allow the units to be moved over soft and irregular surfaces by one person. Rugged, welded steel construction makes them suitable for operation in the most difficult and demanding industrial environments. Units are completely self-contained and require only electrical power to operate.
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Velcon Portable Insulating Oil Filter SystemsInsulating Oil Filters: 30 /50 /75gpm
HCP30, HDP50 & HDP75
High performance HCP and HDP Series Filter Pumps provide fast, cost effective insulating oil filtration in the field. HCP30 Series-Flow Filter-Pumps were developed for use with insulating oil having high levels of carbon contamination as a primary problem and water contamination as a secondary problem. The HCP configuration employs two different types of filter cartridges in series. The first housing, which holds two cost effective particulate cartridges, is utilized as a prefilter. The second housing holds two Aquacon® super-absorbent cartridges. Since the Aquacon Cartridges are utilized primarily for water removal, they seldom need to be replaced. This reduces operation costs. HDP50 and HDP75 Parallel-Flow Models feature high flow rates. Oil is pumped through both two-cartridge housings at the same time, in parallel, for maximum flow.
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Velcon Portable Insulating Oil FilterInsulating Oil Filter TO-30
The TO30 Oil Purification System removes dirt and water from insulating oil. Effluent breakdown voltages can be significantly improved in a single pass. A unique three stage design dramatically reduces operation costs:
1. Carbon is removed in the Pre-filter Stage by relatively inexpensive high surface area pleated media cartridges.
2. Free and emulsified water are continuously separated from oil in the Filter/Separator Stage. The water is drained from the vessel sump.
3. Patented Aquacon® Cartridges absorb free water that might get into the Polisher/Monitor Stage. When the cartridges are finally saturated, differential pressure increases and a pressure switch shuts down the system.

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Velcon Turbine Oil Coalescing SystemTurbine Oil Coalescing SystemsTOC Series
Improved Oil Processing with Low Maintenance System

Velcon Filters has over 30 years experience designing and manufacturing coalescing filtration equipment. The TOC Series units combine the latest coalescing technology with the finest available microglass filter media to restore turbine lube oil to an exceptionally clean and dry condition. The units can be used to upgrade or replace older, low efficiency reservoir filtration systems.
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